First, I give God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the honor, all the glory and all the praise along with my deepest gratitude for allowing the doors and the arms of Glory House to be opened up to me.  Since my arrival on May 24, 2015 after serving a 10 year sentence, I have been blessed with unconditional love, acceptance and support. Glory House is so much more than a transitional home for women, it is our home, a safe haven for learning of the Lord; for growing in faith and for healing from past pains.  It is a beacon of hope for the helpless and the lost.  Glory House is the greatest symbol of God's grace that I know and I consider it a privilege to be a part of the family and this ministry.

Amy Zandonella

My name is Amy and I came to live at Glory House after being incarcerated for a year. I was battling an addiction to alcohol and was at the end. I was tired and wanted to stop. Being in jail gave me a jump start with my sobriety. I also involved myself with Bible Studies while in jail. This gave me a small foundation in learning about God and spirituality. What I found at Glory House was the welcoming, nurturing, safe place that desperately needed. I grew in my faith in God, was welcomed by two church families and made many new friends that are now a support system for me. I have recently moved on from Glory House to live in an apartment with a friend but have many fond memories of my days there. Living at Glory House was an important step that I needed at the time to foster a sober lifestyle for myself and to continue to grow with God's love. 


All my life I felt rejection.  I had low self-esteem and fear issues that resulted in a lifestyle of co-dependency.  In 1994 I accepted Jesus, but I wasn't a truly committed Christian.  I wasn't taught the word enough, so I had one foot in the church and one foot in the world.  I eventually backslid and did some pretty bad things.

I eventually went to prison in 2007.  But, even though I received punishment there for the bad things that I did, God also put me there to bring me closer to him. Romans 8:28 says, all things work together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.  If I wouldn't have been there, I would have continued in what I thought was a healthy relationship, but was actually a co-dependent one. 

 Thank you Jesus for showing me that it wasn't healthy, and even though i loved God with all my heart, I was putting that man above him. I thought I couldn't live without that man, Now I'm only dependent on God!  I sumitted my co-dependency for total dependence on the one who loves me the most!!!  


I was released from prison after 71/2 years on June 8th,2014. I was accepted as a resident of Glory House, and since my arrival June a year ago, my life has been a whirlwind of blessings, acceptentance, growth, love, and meeting many brothers and sisters in the Lord,


I have also been learning how to be a servant of the Lord, which brings me joy!!! Since coming to Glory House, I have learned so much. I have finally learned how to forgive myself for my past. I am learning to overcome the fear that has consumed me my whole life. He has blessed mewith employment so I am able to be productive. God brought me to Glory House to feed his word through bible study, devotionals, prayer meetings, and other events that we go to.


Recently we have startedfeeding the homeless and the elderly and show them the love of Jesus. I believe the Lord has called me to do ministry work, Because i know that God is preparing me to eventually be a staff member at Glory House!!!  Thank you Jesus.

 Makes a Difference in Someones Life!

Jane Guerino

President of Glory House



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